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Please read this agreement carefully before using our service.

By using the service will mean that you agree to these rules. If you do not agree to them,
please do not use our service. To use our service, you must register and create a valid account. Keep your
password secret and do not reveal it to anyone. We will never ask for your password.

Forum Rules

1. When creating a thread:

It is not allowed to create topics including: acount-selling / flame / bashing / advertisment-of-other-servers / pornography / keylogger and any other illegal software.

2. Posting in a thread:

Don't resurrect old threads, look at the posting date of the topic before making your post.
It's not allowed to post any of the subjects like in paragraph 1 into your post.
It is not allowed do double post in a thread. You are allowed to make a double post on a thread IF your previous post was more then 36 hours ago. (So you can bring back the thread to our attention.)

3. Be respectful:

Do not harass, threaten, call names, and insult other posters. "Treat others the way you would like to be treated" with respect.
If you insult any staff member this will lead to a direct ban of forums.
If you have a problem with someone in particular use the PM system to contact him and tell him what is bothering you. Don't start threads about this over and over again.

4. Language:

All post in the english Off Topic section should be made in English.
Do not use sexual, racial, vulgar, abusive, and threatening language.

5. Spamming:

Stay on topic, there is no need for non-constructive comments that derange the topic.
Also keep posting the same over and over again is not allowed.
It is not allowed do double post (meaning posting 2 times in a row) you can edit the previous post and add what you wanted to say. Or use MulitiQuot if you like to quote more than one person.

For spamming go to the Troll Section.

6. Signature: (picture under every post you make)

Signatures may not contain pornographic pictures or pictures that harass, insult users, religions, groups or others.
The max resolution for signatures is limited to 750(width) x 500(height)

7. Avatar: (picture that goes with your description left side)

Avatars may not contain pornographic pictures ore pictures that harass or insult users,religions,groups or others.

If you break the above rules it will result in:

These punishments can be appealed by xLeZock and xLePlay or any other forum admin.
Every time you get a punishment your warning level will increase. If you reach the maximum of 3 warning points your account will be temporary banned from our forum.

Your xLeGaming Team

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